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Application to Adopt a Dog from ForPaws

Are Corgis right for you? Before you apply, be sure you understand about Corgis. Read Before You Apply.

Learn even more before you adopt:

Fill in the following form and click SUBMIT. There are no wrong answers -- we just want to be sure we don't place, for example, a dog who doesn't like cats with a family that has three of them! If you have questions, please send them to . If you are unable to use the form for any reason, you can instead submit your information by e-mail.

Please note: Our primary concern is the well-being of the dog and its adoptive family. We reserve the right to refuse to place a dog for any reason.


Application to adopt a dog from ForPaws


Please note:
We are currently ONLY accepting applications for dogs listed on the Adoption Page -- or applications for purebred rescues from people who have previously owned a Corgi.

I have previously owned a Corgi and am looking for a purebred rescue
I want to adopt the following dog, listed on the Adoption Page:
(name of dog)

Name of human contact (REQUIRED)
Organization, if applicable
State, Zip

Day:    Eve:
Cellphone:   Fax:

Best times to call:

E-mail address (REQUIRED)
E-mail address
Do you have children in the home?
If so, what are their ages?
Include children that may visit,
such as grandchildren or neighbors.
Yes   No   Ages:
Do you have any cats? Yes   No 
Do you have other dogs?
If so, what are their ages,
breeds, and gender?

Yes   No  
Breed: Male Female

Breed: Male Female
More? (List)

Have you ever had Corgis? Yes   No 

Veterinary Reference: If you answered YES
to having had other dogs and/or Corgis
previously, please provide the name and
telephone number of the veterinarian
you use so that we may check
this reference, if appropriate:

Vet Name:
Vet Location (City/State):
Vet Phone number:
Name(s) of animals under his/her care belonging to you:

Are you willing to pay to have a dog shipped to you (this is usually $125-175)? Yes   No  
Are you willing to have this dog spayed/neutered at your expense? Yes   No  
How far are you willing to travel to pick up a dog? (miles)
If you do not own your home, tell us if your landlord
has any limitations on pets (size, number, etc.).
Does your home have a fenced-in yard? Yes   No  

To help us know more about what you are looking for, here are some questions on what type of dog you'd like. We want to be sure it's a dog you really like! If you don't have a preference, or it isn't strong, let us know. The more flexible you are on the dog, the more likely we can find a match.

Please tell us about your situation and why you want a dog:

Do you have a preference
for a Pembroke or Cardigan?

Pembroke Cardigan  Either

Would you consider a Corgi mix?

Yes   No  
Is there an age range you would prefer? (years)
When is a dog too young,
or too old for you to accept?
Youngest (years)   Oldest: (years)   
Do you prefer a specific gender? Must be Male Prefer Male Either Prefer Female Must be Female
Do you have a strong color
preference, or dislike?
Do you want an athletic (high energy dog, suitable for heavy play) or more of a couch potato? Athletic Active Not very actiive
Would you be willing and able to accept a dog that needs extra medical care or special training, such as a dog with kidney problems, or a deaf dog? Yes No  
Explain what kind of special care you can supply or what kind of needs you could accommodate: 

Click SUBMIT button when form is complete.

If you have questions, contact:



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