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Adopting a Dog from ForPaws

Congratulations on your decision to apply to adopt a ForPaws dog! Please understand that we are very careful in our placements and we screen applicants quite carefully. We want to avoid the chance that a placed dog will be returned to rescue.

Here are some things you need to know before you apply.

Is a Corgi right for you?


Before you take a Corgi, or any breed, it is vitally important that you research the temperament and understand the basic personality of the breed you are considering.

While Corgis appear to be cute, docile little dogs, they are not the easiest breed to own. Many people make a mistake in thinking that they are easy to command because they are small and adorable. In fact, Corgis were bred to herd cattle! They are a strong-minded dog and need to be dealt with with the same level of control you would expect to use with a 70 pound German Shepherd. Many Corgis end up in rescue because they asserted themselves with their owners and the owner didn't know what to do.

Each dog is different, of course. This is especially true for Corgi mixes (the majority of the dogs we place). We get to know each dog individually so that we can better advise you as to how its specific personality and habits might fit into your lifestyle situation. We also screen for special situations, such as dogs that are not good with cats or children.


If you have children in the house (even on occasion), please read Corgis and Children.


People often look for purebred dogs under the mistaken notion that purebreds are better. In fact, a mix is often a better choice for a pet.

Purebreds are quite rare in rescue and tend to have particularly strong Corgi/herding attitudes. We usually only place purebred Corgis with owners who are clearly experienced with Corgis and herding dogs. We don't just do this to be contrary, but for the sake of the dog and the potential adopter.

Which breed?

If you have doubts about whether a Corgi is right for you, you might want to try the breed selector at You can also contact us at .

More about Corgis...

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Adopting from ForPaws

Please read the article, The ForPaws Adoption Process. This article covers:


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