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ForPaws Corgi Rescue is operated by Kathy Miller. She created ForPaws in 1999 because she believes strongly in dog rescue.

The ForPaws Corgi Rescue Website ( is our primary means for publicizing dogs in need of homes and helping lookers find nice pets. We have close relationships with independent rescuers, and assist them by showcasing their dogs on the site from time to time.

Co-founder Kathy, with Elbee, PembrokeBefore founding ForPaws, Kathy had other experience working Corgi rescue. We found that while there are a number of official national and regional clubs who assist purebred Corgis in need of homes, there was a real lack of help for the Corgi mixes. While most of our dogs are Corgi mixes we are pleased to help purebred Pembrokes and Cardigans whenever possible. We enjoy excellent relationships with the National Rescue Chairpeople for the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America and often exchange referrals. (See: About Corgis and Corgi Rescue.)

When you visit the ForPaws site you can register as a "looker" and indicate preferences such as Cardigan vs. Pembroke, approximate age desired, etc. (See: ForPaws Adoption Process.) And of course, you can look at our listing of available dogs, including descriptions and pictures.

We subscribe to several listservers dedicated to Corgis and dog rescue and respond to those who are looking for a Corgi or a Corgi mix. We follow up on shelter listings and postings about dogs that become available to rescue through private parties.

Bart (Cardigan Mix) and Kenai (Cardigan)We presently are not accepting new dogs from private individuals.

We are individuals who do this on a completely volunteer basis. We are not associated with any national or regional rescue organization or breed club, though we do a lot of networking with those folks on behalf of the cause. We do Corgi/Corgi mix rescue because we love the dogs.

One of the reasons that the site is successful is that we know a lot about dogs. We are able to evaluate their temperaments and their health.

Bronco, ColoradoAnother reason is that we are conservative. We will not refer a dog that has bitten. Because we aren't in a position to do personal screenings and home visits, it simply isn't prudent. There are times when exceptions may be warranted, but from "long distance" these are hard to discern. In cases such as these we do our best to coordinate with a local source who is better able to evaluate the situation.

We are also extremely ethical and straightforward. We will tell you all we know about a dog, the attributes and the faults. We do a lot of educating (more than we anticipated). There are times when we find we have to tactfully, but clearly, tell someone that what they think they want isn't really the best choice for their circumstances. We provide guidance and advice to those who adopt from us on an ongoing basis, as requested.

Herbie, PembrokeIn all cases, our priority is a happy, healthy home for the dog and the owner. There are some shelters who do not work with rescue people. Sadly, in some cases that is because they've had a bad experience. When dealing with a shelter, we always ask what the policies are. If they don't work with rescue, or don't adopt outside of their local area, we honor that.We value our relationships with the shelters and don't try to rock the boat. In some cases it means that a dog we think we could place doesn't get an opportunity. Other times, we're fortunate to have a local registrant who can work directly with the shelter.

We generally ask for a donation for our mixed breeds, and slightly more for purebreds, to cover our costs of shelter fees and veterinary care.

All of our dogs have had health evaluations, are vaccinated, heartworm tested, and spayed or neutered before becoming available for adoption. In the rare case of a very young puppy, we negotiate a spay/neuter contract with the adoptive owner.

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