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Success Stories
These dogs found happy homes through ForPaws

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Anyone who has ever spent much time rescuing dogs knows that there is definitely something in the atmosphere that steps in to help when the situation really warrants. Call it luck, call it coincidence — I call it Rescue Kharma! While the pragmatist in me resists this notion, I've seen it happen WAY too many times for it to be pure happenstance.

Just such an example took place right in my own area during this week. I got to witness as kharma unfolded, and meet all the parties involved. In the history of ForPaws Corgi Rescue, this is the first time in which a former owner and the new owner met face-to-face and the dog was officially blessed into his new home. As rescuers, it was a pretty cool experience for us!

Meet Guinness - the star of this show....

The ForPaws blog has the rest of the story.


Lena was a stray in a rural area in California. Luckily, before she could become lunch for a cougar, she was found by a real estate agent and taken to a local shelter. Ultimately, she found her way to ForPaws Corgi Rescue in the San Francisco Bay area.

While in foster care, it quickly became apparent that Lena was an exceptionally sweet, and affectionate girl. Although she accepted other dogs, it was really all about the companionship of people in her book! We were amazed at how grounded and confident she was, without being overly assertive - an incredibly nice dog! Accordingly, we really wanted to find an exceptionally nice owner for her…and that's just what happened!

The “right” people came along, just when Lena needed them! Having had a nice female corgi in the past, these folks were well-versed in the corgi temperament and how to care for the breed. They came to visit Lena in her foster home, and it was clear that Lena had made her choice!

The 2009 holiday season turned out to be a good one, as this sweet corgi got the best gift that any dog could ever receive: A wonderful new home in a dog-friendly environment, with two lovely people that simply adore her. And for a Corgi Princess like Lena, it just doesn't get any better!

Recently she accompanied her owners during their holiday vacation. They take lots of hikes, and Lena couldn't be happier about that!

Happy 2010 Lena - it's going to be a great year for you!


Pembroke Welsh Corgi female, age 2
Adopted May 23, 2008

Molly is an extremely bright, engaging, active little girl. Her first home didn't provide the stimulation or the guidance that Molly really needed. At the age of 1-1/2 years, Molly had spent most of her time in an apartment, with little exposure to the world!

After six months in foster care with a fantastic foster mom to show her the ropes, Molly was a changed dog. Nonetheless, we were looking for a very special home, one in which Molly could continue to blossom. And when we least expected it...there it was!

At the end of May 2008, Molly flew to Ontario, Canada to live on a beautiful parcel of land with a wonderful couple and their existing Australian Shepherd and Labrador Retriever companions. (Oh, and Daisy...the teeny kitten, age 7 weeks in these photos).

From the moment we told Molly that she had a home, it was as if she knew. Upon arrival she fit in seamlessly. It was amazing! The photo with her big smile says it all. This was taken within 24 hours of her arrival!

Her new Mom, said:

Molly was truly a success from the time we first released her from the crate in house. She just settled right in.

We actually arrived back at our house around 11:15 PM after getting Molly at the airport. We just had time to call the foster person who sent her, to inform her of Molly's safe arrival, then off to bed for everyone. Molly did sleep in a crate in our bedroom, but sleeping arrangements are now different. Let you guess on that one!

There is no lack of confidence in Molly now. Friends & their dogs are always visiting and Molly is there to happily greet everyone. She wants to be right in the center of things. Did I tell you the story of our 7-year-old grandson, who upon meeting Molly for the first time asked me, "When Molly matures will her legs grow longer?"



Candice writes:

I adopted Jessica from ForPaws in July of last year. We changed her name to Bella. She is an absolutely wonderful dog, extremely friendly and easily trained. And she has an excellent sense of humor (a strange thing to say about a dog, maybe, but she loves to tease and play tricks on her little dog-brother Jordy and its pretty hilarious to see).

She has settled into our family and is very much loved. Many thanks for providing me with lots of great information to help me through the adoption process, for driving half way across the state to have Bella air-freighted to me, and especially for helping me choose a dog that was perfect for my situation and would get along with the very "alpha" corgi I already owned. ... I want you to know how much I appreciate what you do for all the dogs you help. I have enclosed a picture of Bella and me enjoying the snows of Colorado.

Aurora, CO



Kylie and Macy's new owners write:

They are just doing wonderfully. Both seem so very happy with us, and the feeling is 10 times over that on our part. They are such wonderful little souls!

We've taken them hiking with us in Colorado and the New Mexico Wilderness areas on the Santa Fe National Forest (see attached photos from one such romp) and the Cibola National Forest.

We have taken them both to obedience school (which was the best investment we've made in quite a while); Macy was one of two Valedictorians! We take them once a week to Doggie-Daycare so that they can get to know other dogs and people. This has helped immensely in their socialization. They and we are having a wonderful time.

Thanks for all the great things you do for all those precious little souls out there!

— Carl and Valerie


Sammy's new owner writes:

Just wanted to drop you a note and a photo or two and let you know that Sammy is just the dearest buddy to us all. We've had Sammy for almost a year now and there isn't a day that goes by without one of us saying, "isn't he great!"

He and Woof come almost everywhere with us. When the car door opens, they fly into the car. They don't care if we are going to town or to the top of a mountain — they just want to be with us and we think that's just marvelous.

They are eager, smart, curious adventurers and they fit our lifestyle perfectly. They both start their training classes again this week and will go for the entire summer. I am thinking about trying to work them in brace. They just look so cool trotting side-by-side in their daily romps so I am hoping they will enjoy doing brace work.

Sammy is so easy to work with, he is so obliging when given a command. He says "sure, be happy to do that!" What a nice dog!! He is great with strangers, too!! And he has made friends with 4 of our 5 cats (that took quite a bit of time).

Thanks for doing what you do. Our life is richer because of your efforts.

Karen, Steve, Woof and Sammy

PS: Note on the WS on couch photo....behind Sammy's head are the dogs Canine Good Citizen certificates. We hung them on the fridge for all to see!!



When Jackson, a purebred Pembroke Welsh Corgi with severe dental problems, came to us, we knew he needed someone very, very special. We never suspected that Jackson's angel would be one of our youngest adopters. Brenna Memole, age 9, opened her heart.

Thanks to financial assistance from Corgiaid, Jackson received the dental care he needed. Brenna, brushes Jackson's teeth every day, without fail. Thanks to the Memole family, this lovely dog's long-term health is assured. We at ForPaws Corgi Rescue can't imagine a happier ending to a story than this!

Brenna writes:

Dear ForPaws Corgi Rescue,

Our story about Jackson begins: Hi, we are the Memole family and we have just adopted a new Welsh Corgi named Jackson. He is five years old. He is so cute! We got him from a Corgi rescue program.

What I absolutely love about Jackson is that he loves to play, and so do my other dogs, Rosie and Sammy. Rosie is an Airedale Terrier who is 6 years old, and Sammy is a terrier mix who is 15 years old. They get along pretty well except when Rosie gets too close to Jackson.

But when you go to sleep he will sleep on the end of your bed all night long.

I want to thank Tina for introducing me to Jackson, because now he is my best buddy!




Anne and Janey were found together as strays. A lovely lady brought them in out of the rain, got them to the vet, and contacted ForPaws. We had them on the site for, oh about a day, and the lady called...

When you fall in love with a dog — or, in this case, two dogs — something takes over. Anne and Janey have a new home.

Anne is a beautiful female English Setter mix, about four years old. Janey is an adorable female Corgi mix, approximately four years old.


Here is Aubrey with Philip and Katie. Her new owners write:

Aubrey is relaxing into our family, looks forward to our morning walks, so much so that she wakes me up so we can go! She walks very well on the lead and is not frightened at the approach of vehicles. She loves to get her rubdown afterwards to remove all the sand and dew. She also LOVES to have her belly rubbed and her back scratched!! She is making herself at home and as often as not will search out her favorites to be near instead of being alone. We all love her and feel she is happy to be with us. Thanks again for everything, Evie



Solomon was adopted into a home with Lucille and proud owners Kate and Mike, who write:

Things are going well here. Mike continues to be absolutely stupidly in love with Solomon (as do I, but it's funnier to see it in him). The other day, he (Mike) said, "When I get really wealthy, I'm going to have a little bronze statue of Solomon made so I can put it in my garden."

I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.

Much more...



Fred, a Corgi/Jack Russell Terrier mix, is joining a lovely couple in Arlington, VA. She grew up with Corgis and has been anxious to have a dog of her own - now she does! They write:

Here we are, totally in love!

Freddy is just the most wonderful addition to our lives. I cannot even begin to say how much joy he brings us.


Casey is a female Corgi mix, approximately a year old. Found as a stray in Edmond, Oklahoma, Casey is one funny girl. See her pictures and you will see what we mean.

Her new Mom writes:

We are just thrilled to pieces!!! We got to the airport at 9am....plane landed at 9:16, Casey was delivered to us at 9:26!!! While I was waiting for the lady to get the paperwork in order, they delivered Casey right outside the door. Paperwork took longer than delivery...we were glad.

She is a darling!!! Our 8 yr old grandson went with us and on the way home in the car, Casey just curled up right beside him on the seat and slept most of the way home. He really likes her, and she has taken to him in an instant. Well, got to finish the doggie door and get her a blankie to lay on....will email later how things are going....this is one of the best things we"ve done! You can quote me on that....(-:


Gary and I snuck back into the room yesterday afternoon and two little soft ears peeked up from the back of the couch that faces the doorway. She looked so cute and surprised she got caught snoozin on the furniture. She is a real dolly, we love her.


Excerpts from letters from Chelsea:

Jeffy's sooo sweet! We just went for a walk - does he ever get worn out? :)

He is doing great with all of our animals and seems quite intrigued by the horses. My little foster sister Autumn says: "I love Juffy!" Actually, it sounds more like Duffy, but the point is that she thinks he's really neat and can't seem to stop talking about him ("Juffy this, Juffy that etc..." ) Kathy, you said you didn't know who would be happier when he got here. Well, he seems pretty content, but I'm not so sure anyone could be more thrilled than I am that this worked (and that he's such a wonderful dog!).

Here are some pictures of Jeff and me and Dingo together. He's doing fine and we're working on house-breaking him a little better (he's not quite trustworthy) so he won't have to stay in his kennel. Tomorrow, we're going to the 4-H dog class that we have twice a week. He'll have a lot to learn.

Autumn now thinks that when she gets older, that she should be allowed to get a dog, too. Mom says we already have enough animals. Well, I better go take Jeffy out.

P.S. I forgot to tell you about Jeffy and the hens. He's scared of them! I guess he's never had an animal not run, but cackle at him! He's also kind of inimidated by our cat, who sits down in the middle of the doorway with her back turned and won't let him out of the room. The games cats play!


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