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More Success Stories!
These dogs found happy homes through ForPaws





Gigi is a mild mannered, active girl. She can run very fast and jump very high.



Glendi is a two year old, spayed female Corgi/Basenji mix. She has a short coat, is red and white, and weighs about 22 pounds.



Karina is a spayed female Corgi/Akita-Husky mix, about 35 lbs. She is about 2 years old and has a lovely sable and white coat, and a gorgeous tail! She is one of the prettiest dogs we have had.



Zach is a neutered male Corgi mix, approximately 9 months to 1 year old. He stands approximately 12" high at the shoulder, and is tricolored, similar to a tri-colored Corgi, or a German Shepherd. He may in fact be a mix of these two, but that is a guess.

This dog is a very sweet fellow, more mellow than the typical Corgi personality. He gets along with other mild-mannered dogs well. Zach is a little shy with men.



Shelby is a one year old Corgi/Whippet mix.



Duncan is a really sweet dog, about 2 years old. We're not sure of his breed mix. He has a medium length coat, softer than the normal corgi coat and a bit longer.



Jimmy Joe is a Corgi/Smooth Collie mix and sometimes I think he may have a little Husky in there somewhere. This very sweet soft guy talks a lot, such sweet sounds. He loves to play with the pups and he is so gentle.


Magi was orphaned after a tornado destroyed everything her owners had but now has a happy new home.



Sicily is a spayed female, about 2-1/2 years old, 22 pounds. We think she may be Australian Cattle Dog/Corgi.



Toby is a male Corgi/Chihuahua mix from a shelter in Yukon, Oklahoma. He is about 4 years old and weighs 18-20 lbs. He has a shortcoat, and is mostly black, with tan markings. He has now been adopted.



This 14-month-old neutered Pembroke Welsh Corgi male has been adopted.


Baxter's family broke up and we began looking for a new home for this very sweet, loving, loyal Corgi mix. He had a happy ending: Baxter is a new family's birthday present.



Just LOOK at those EARS! Tiffani's new owners think they're adorable, and so is their cute little Rat Terrier mix.



This Texas-born Corgi/Lab mix has been adopted.



Who can resist that sweet face? Not Bob's new adoptive family! They love their new Corgi/Aussie/Golden mix.



Helene is a very soft, mild mannered, sweet girl, who wants nothing more than your affection — and has it now, in her new home. We never did determine her mix — maybe corgi, sheltie,and shiba? But we do know she is a cuddly companion.



Stewart is a 2 year old Corgi/Schipperke mix, adopted around Christmas, 2000.



Chuckie is a Corgi mixed with Shiba Inu and possibly some Papillon, picked up as a stray in the Dallas area. Now adopted.



Dougie is a one-year-old Corgi/Jack Russell Terrier mix.



This Corgi/Shipperke mix is now at home in Woodinville, Washington! He's a good natured, happy boy who is full of spunk and likes to play with toys, he is very affectionate and outgoing, loves everyone, especially kids.



Millie was surrendered to a kill shelter in Illinois when her owners "didn't want her anymore." We think that Millie's former owners were nuts for letting her go! This is one NICE dog! Her new owners feel the same.

Most likely a Pembroke Welsh Corgi/Shiba Inu, her coloring is red with cream legs and belly; her coat is medium long and fluffy. Approximately 18 months olD and 20 pounds.

Adopted September, 2000.



Sadie is a spayed female Corgi mix. We think she is mixed with German Shorthaired Pointer.

Adopted: August, 2000.


DALAI (formerly DOLLY)

New owners write:

This is Dalai (formerly Dolly but pronounced the same) with her new sisters, Kharma and Rani. Kharma is the red Aussie and Rani is the black merle Aussie. They have become quite the tight knit family along with their three human brothers and Mom and Dad.

Dalai is a Cardigan Welsh Corgi mixed with Siberian Husky. How, we have no idea but she is all corgi except for her husky bark when she is excited and coloring, including her funky blue eyes. She is getting her girlish figure back (she was a little porker when she first came here, weighing in at a hefty 55 pounds). She likes to play tug of war with Kharma and likes to cuddle with Rani.

Dalai has won all of our hearts with her cute corgi smile and wonderfully pleasant personality. She is sweet and silly and absolutely lovable and seems like she was always a part of the family. We are happy to have her with us, she was worth the effort.



Clifford is a neutered, male Cardigan Welsh Corgi mix with, we're guessing, some Foxhound. He is 8 months old and weighs about 30 lbs. We are guessing he will be 37-40lbs when fully grown. He is red and white, with a medium length flat coat.

What a sweetheart!

He was adopted in July 2000.

MIDDY (formerly Midnight)
A spayed female Corgi/Flatcoat Retriever mix, Middy is about the size of a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, with slightly longer legs. While we admit she doesn't look a lot like a Corgi, she has one of the sweetest personalities going.

In cooperation with Peppertree Retriever Rescue, she found a wonderful home in New York, where she joins two other dogs in the family to make a set of three black dogs in this home. They do look great together. Her new family loves her very much and immediately give her a nickname, "Middy." They write:

Middy is doing wonderfully. She has full run of the house, even when we are gone. She never chews anything anymore except her toys. She is becoming quite obedient -- except when she sees a squirrel or something like that so we cannot bring her outside without a leash, but we feel that too will come in time. She is very bossy with our other dog, but he is so gentle that he lets her get away with it.

I wish you could have seen her in the deep snow this winter, it didn't faze her a bit, although the snow was as deep as she was high! She would leap through it with the grace of a gazelle - happy as a clam.

Middy is very affectionate, always ready to be petted or cuddled. Besides all that, she is a wonderful watchdog - she lets us know when anyone is around, which we certainly appreciate. At night time, she cuddles right up close to us and our other dog sleeps close by on the floor (his choice). We are one big happy family!

If another Midnight came along, we would not even hesitate even for a moment! She is a great dog! We love her so very much. Middy follows me around like a shadow, always eager about anything and everything. I don't know what I did without her! Thank you again for saving her.


Sandy is a spayed female Pembroke Welsh Corgi mix with only one eye, now adopted.


Claire is a Corgi/Spaniel mix, recently adopted.



Molly went to a lovely home in Ohio where she joined her new big sister, a beautiful Greyhound, named Greyce. Although they look like Mutt and Jeff together, the two girls are quite the companions. Molly's new mom, Kathy, said:

Last night, Greyce slept by Molly's crate all night. This morning, Molly came bouncing out of her crate and they licked each other and went out together. Since I've been home, she has been at my feet. She is just darling. I love the feel of her coat. It's so soft. I love those eyes. She jumped right on my bed this morning to snuggle. I LOVE THIS DOG! Thank you, thank you to all of you. Molly is truly a gift from Heaven to me.

Foxy, a Cardi/Greyhound mix, approximately two years old, found a home with a lovely couple and their two corgis and a lab on nine acres in western Connecticut.They have had a greyhound and fell in love with Foxy. Dad stays home most of the time and takes the dogs for long walks. We have photos of Foxy with the other dogs, Camille, Corki, and the lab Hannah.

Mom says:

The girl is doing great! She is very affectionate, so 1/3 the time is taken up with kisses and hugs, 1/3 for play, and the other 1/3 for eating and sleeping. She's tried every couch in the house and is 75% house-trained, which was to be expected.

She's been sleeping in our bed so far every night. We use the excuse that she needs to get used to everything, but actually she's just so great to cuddle with. We love her very much and thank you and Kathy again for proving our instinct to be right.


Georgie is a very special dog who was adopted in Minnesota by someone who understands the needs of this lovely senior dog and is delighted to have him!

About 10 years old, with the head of a Collie and short Corgi legs, Georgie is blind. He was nearly dead when he was picked up on a county road in Iowa. The woman who picked him up took him home and fed him and kept him in a heated kennel. She said for the first two days he just lay there. He recovered and turned out to be a real sweetheart who enjoys being petted and wags his tail happily when talked to.


This Corgi/Australian Cattle Dog mix is red and white with a short corgi type coat. He is being adopted by someone who is living in Minneapolis right now, but will be moving to Sunnyvale.


Puck has been adopted by a family near Spokane, Washington.


Dylan, a Corgi/Australian Cattle Dog mix with a medium-length sable and white coat, will soon be on his way to a new home!



Ace is a 3-4 year old 50 pound Cardigan Welsh Corgi mix who has gone to a couple in New York state, where he joins a Corgi-Beagle mix.


Maxi was a real favorite and was adopted pretty quickly! A four-year old, spayed female Corgi/Border Collie mix, weighing about 25 lbs. with a medium-to-long coat (typical of the Border Collie), this pretty girl was adopted by a home that already had Shorty, a Jack Russell Terrier/Corgi mix, and another ForPaws rescue.

More pictures...


Sandy has been adopted by a young lady, age 11, who lives in the San Francisco Bay area with her mom. She has been wanting a dog for two years and has done a lot of research at the library about them. When her mom found Sandy's picture on our website, they were pretty excited. Within 48 hours of inquiring, they'd made the decision - Sandy was the one! This little fellow is going to have his own "girl" to play with - lucky dog!

Found as a stray in the Ft. Worth, TX area and rescued from a local shelter, Sandy is a smallish dog about 22-25 lbs. His age is estimated to be 15-18 months. He looks like a spaniel (probably Springer) / Corgi mix.


How's this for a lucky boy? Rescued from a kill shelter in Louisiana, his foster parents decided he couldn't leave! The husband said "If the dog goes, I go."


Mollie is a spayed female Pembroke Welsh Corgi/Beagle mix. Rescued from the Greensboro Humane Society shelter, she was adopted by a couple in New York City, where she will live with a male Corgi/Dacshund mix named P-Nut. The interesting thing about this match is that Mollie looks very much like P-Nut (and we think Mollie may really be a Dachsund mix as well.)

Here is Mollie with P-Nut. Which one is which???

We have more pictures...

and there are more on Mollie's family web site.


We had four wonderful Cardigan Corgi/Australian Shepherd mix puppies -- but now, happily, we have none!

The short-legged, short coated pup from this litter now has a new home in Utah. They've been looking for the right Corgi mix and when they saw his picture on the site, they knew was "the one." Sometimes, that's how it goes -- you just know.

Bronco went to a great home in Utah.That's him and his new boy in the photo (and there are more pictures).

The other two remained together and went to the same home - nice family in Indiana. Spot is now "Wally" and big fluff is "Buster Joe." They're doing well. Their Mom wrote a wonderful letter...

The last puppy, christened "Chandler Newton Fluff" by his wonderful new family, now lives in Wisconsin. He is the center of attention for a family of ten!


Sometimes the dogs know better than we do. Cowboy's new owner renamed him Texas, pronounced "tay-has," but somehow the name change just didn't stick and Cowboy became Cowboy again.

His new owner drove ten hours each way, from New Mexico, to get him.When they got home, there was a bit of an adventure as the poor little fellow bolted. Twice. But a little while later, he was happily asleep at his new owner's feet and they lived happily ever after.

Adopted: November 1999


Phoenix with new sister, Zammy

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PHOENIX (formerly Trail)

Every once in awhile, we run across a special dog that deserves to be an "honorary Corgi," so we can publicize it. "Trail," whose new name is Phoenix, was one of those special dogs. A young male Siberian Husky, we believe to be purebred, he's an extremely affectionate dog -- a wonderful companion. He's also quite handsome.

He found a home in Wichita, Kansas, where he now lives with another husky, named Zammy, two cats and several birds. And a few humans, of course. His new "mom" thought he was gorgeous, prettier than his photos, and sweet (of course). He took right to her, hugged her and gave her kisses.

The new owner phoned to say that when Phoenix first arrived in his new home, he saw one of the cats sleeping on a chair by the door, sniffed the kitty, gave it a lick and went on. Very soon, he was playing hard with Zammy.

His mom fell in love with his photo last summer, but was afraid that Zammy wouldn't like a fella. She decided not to take him then. But recently, Zammy met another husky and just had a blast playing with him, so they immediately called to see if Trail was still available... and now you know the rest of the story.


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